Lattice Tower Weight Calculation

Lattice transmission towers are the structural backbone of the electrical grid. Today, those aging structures are comprised of metal plates, bolts, trusses, and beams. Do you know the current integrity of your towers? Do you need to decommission towers for replacement or repair?

Lattice Tower Deconstruction Services Powered by CobraVision AI

We have created a standard method to assess your lattice tower weight and structural integrity. Our AI applied services will help minimize safety issues, reduce costs, and provide invaluable insight during the assessment and planning stages for lattice tower deconstruction.

Deconstruct Lattice Towers with Confidence

If you are charged with leading your utility or a utility contractor you know aging lattice towers are vulnerable to rust, corrosion and other structural damage and eventually require repair or replacement.

Unfortunately, many issues are NOT in plain sight. Towers are unwieldly and can be unpredictable when using traditional assessment techniques.

Visual inspections can only go so far. If you add in the inherent dangers of basic tower inspection, you have a recipe for major unplanned, even life-threatening issues.

This is where we can help. 

We have created a system using AI that can accurately and efficiently detect issues and give you measurable data to inform you on the structural health and weak points of your towers. This gives you a higher level of predictability before and during the  deconstruction process of your transmission tower assets.

Our Methodology Overview


Don’t Compromise Safety During Tower Demolition. Improve it and Stay a Step Ahead Using AI

By being proactive when evaluating your lattice tower integrity during the pre-construction phase, you bring a level of safety that you just cannot get with traditional inspection methods. 

Improved demolition data includes:
•    Faster and more accurate tower weight analysis
•    A smarter ‘cut line’ plan
•    Elimination of risky manual tower inspection tactics such as climbing
•    Right-sizing the construction crane 
•    Gaining Insight with high-definition visuals and imagery

Watch How Using AI Can Help Uncover the Unknown with Lattice Tower Deconstruction 

Learn how to deliver AI with a high degree of confidence.

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