Storm Restoration

Rebuild, repair, and restore equipment, materials, and structures to specification and requirements to pre-event levels and performance.

Don’t Put Off Storm Preparation

Long restoration times can be disastrous. In today’s information rich society, information drives expectations. There is no hiding anymore. Stakeholders will quickly know if a utility was adequately prepared. Along with decreasing public tolerance, heightened political scrutiny can add another layer of issues such as cost recovery denial and punitive penalties.

AI Can Improve Your Storm Predictive Restoration Model

Pre- and post-storm feedback is critical for rapid restoration. Leverage AI to process information faster and generate better decisions from data you may already collect—by drones, fixed wing airplanes, people, engineering service providers, and more.

Example of Broken Poles








Example of Line Sag Inspection

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Fun Fact

Who wins? Mongoose vs Cobra


The Mongoose

It has special powers--thick fur and a surprising immunity from cobra venom.

Did You Know?

Like the Mongoose, CobraVision has special powers that allows it to function where often humans cannot--inspecting electrical towers at 1,000 feet and more. Contact the team at CobraVision. We don't have thick fur, but we have great answers to your challenges.

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Take The Cobra Challenge

You choose:

  • Windmill
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Just pick your type of challenge and prepare to simulate real life using LEGOs. You build, then we evaluate using AI. Simply sign-up and we'll send everything you need.


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