May 6th, 2022

CobraVision Introduces the Ability to Virtually Weigh a Lattice Tower.

Introducing CobraVision’s latest service to virtually weigh lattice towers and deliver cut plans for safe deconstruction.  Legacy lattice towers are now being replaced, but often design drawings are no longer available, making a weight calculation for their removal nearly impossible…until now. 

An investor-owned utility asked CobraVision to activate its special powers to solve this challenge.  CobraVision now has the capability to scan each tower with high-density LiDAR, use machine learning algorithms to model the structure, then calculate the volume and weight of the tower. Additionally, various scenarios of cut lines are used to optimize crane rentals and each lift plan. Ultimately, this new approach benefits the utility company and contractors; because it leads to safer deconstruction and reduced cost.

NVIDIA powers CobraVision’s AI engine.  Developed on NVIDIA GPU servers cutting development time and creating an AI model that works.  NVIDIA is the engine behind everything CobraVision develops.

AI will be the cornerstone of the next wave of innovation in construction, inspection, and safety. CobraVision™ is at the forefront of establishing an intelligent foundation to work with clients and collaboratively develop use cases that bring measurable real-world value to the utility market.

Fun Fact

Who wins? Mongoose vs Cobra


The Mongoose

It has special powers--thick fur and a surprising immunity from cobra venom.

Did You Know?

Like the Mongoose, CobraVision has special powers that allows it to function where often humans cannot--inspecting electrical towers at 1,000 feet and more. Contact the team at CobraVision. We don't have thick fur, but we have great answers to your challenges.

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