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AI Powered Data, Analytics and Planning. Unleash Your Intelligent Organization Through Our Enhanced Partnerships.

Our Vision

CobraVision combines the best in AI with the enterprise depth expertise of Oracle and the nimble IT solution provider Radus to form the best end-to-end solution for your AI machine learning needs.

 Like the revered King Cobra, CobraVision provides superior visibility, detection and sensitivity to issues important to utility key decision-makers. Whether provided through our CobraConnect Partner network or through a direct relationship with you, we can deliver topline decision-making clarity from our massive volumes of data, pictures and videos by leveraging our enterprise service delivery partnerships and advanced algorithmic machine learning tools and processes.

Outcome Focused. Customer Built Solutions for You

AI doesn’t work unless you are laser focused on the outcomes. Our team will address what is important to you—including safety, compliance issues, construction quality, vegetation management, rapid storm restoration and more. 

We will take existing inputs, build in new ones if required, and custom build the tools specifically needed alongside your service delivery relationships (or directly with you) for your outcome-based decision-making, giving you only what’s needed—actionable outcome-based insights.

Founder Sudi Sankavaram

It all starts with an executable vision. That is what Sudi brings to the service delivery solution of CobraVision. His value starts with his three decades of experience helping organizations with digital transformation.

His background is a blend of expertise in the IT industry, product development and advanced analytics, which enables him to effectively lead change management initiatives and programs for CobraVision and its clients.

A Passion for Creating Business Value

Sudi does this with a pragmatic, highly engaged approach to real world scenarios and challenges. He consistently helps leaders focus on the task of unlocking organizational potential and embracing change, from upper management to end user support personnel. By doing so, he can help create and facilitate the climate for rapid and positive change.

Bridging Strategy and Execution

Sudi identifies and designs operating models that get the job done right without needless complexity and cost. Sudi brings a transformative level of understanding that gives CobraVision a solid foundation for high-level service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Our Team

Jeff Wendorf, VP of Sales and Marketing

Jeff has more than 25 years of experience selling technology solutions at a variety of software companies.

Utility Background and Experience

Jeff spent more than 11 years at Oracle selling project management software and services to investor-owned utilities. Previously he worked at other project management software companies, including Sopheon and CA, Inc.

Jason Buettner, VP of Solutions Engineering

Jason’s role will engage primarily with heavy asset, engineering, and construction customers to determine what business needs they have for asset inspection, job site safety and construction quality. He will work with companies to develop and deploy artificial intelligence solutions at CobraVision.

Utility Background and Experience

Jason has more than 19 years of engineering, portfolio, and project management/controls experience. He spent 14 of those years working in the utility industry, with the last five at Oracle.


Fun Fact

Who wins? Mongoose vs Cobra


The Mongoose

It has special powers--thick fur and a surprising immunity from cobra venom.

Did You Know?

Like the Mongoose, CobraVision has special powers that allows it to function where often humans cannot--inspecting electrical towers at 1,000 feet and more. Contact the team at CobraVision. We don't have thick fur, but we have great answers to your challenges.

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Just pick your type of challenge and prepare to simulate real life using LEGOs. You build, then we evaluate using AI. Simply sign-up and we'll send everything you need.


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